lördag, juni 24, 2006

Futurama kommer tillbaka!

Wohoo! Goda nyheter! The Simpsons-skaparen Matt Groenings andra tvserie Futurama ska få komma tillbaka med nya avsnitt efter en tid i malpåse:
...Now we have official and definite word the show itself will be returning, with 13 brand new episodes set to air on Comedy Central. Like Family Guy, Futurama proved its popularity and earned its return thanks both to DVDs and also to repeats on Cartoon Network. Apparently there had been some negotiations needed in order to secure the return of the cast, but that is now resolved and all of the major voice over talent, including West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio will return to tell new tales about Fry, a pizza delivery boy who ends up 1000 years in the future...

Länk till nyheten

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