fredag, juni 02, 2006

Historiska serieartefakter

Hittat via Drawn:
In early January 2006, a stranger called The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library to say that she had found some old cartoons tucked in a stack of boxes that had been sitting in her family's business for decades. The caller wanted to bring her find to the library, and soon she arrived with a battered cardboard folio. When it was opened, a treasure appeared. Inside were original, hand-colored drawings from Winsor McCay's first comic strip, A Tale of the Jungle Imps by Felix Fiddle. Up to that moment, no original drawings of the strip were known to exist.
Winsor McCay är en av den tecknade bildens verkliga pionjärer: han uppfann i princip både den animerade filmen och serieföljetongen. Så det här är tungt.

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