tisdag, augusti 01, 2006

Gränskonflikter i en global värld

Den internationella nöjestidningen Time Out Magazine ges ut i både Beirut och i Tel Aviv, eller så har det i alla fall varit hittills. Hur det blir i framtiden kan ingen svara på.
Journalisten Lisa Goldman berättar på sin blog historien om hur redaktören för Beirut-utgåvan och redaktören för Tel Aviv-utgåvan träffades på ett företagsevent och blev bästa vänner.
This is the July 20 cover of Time Out Tel Aviv, published one week after the current conflict began. It is based on a famous 1970's New Yorker cover, A View of New York from Ninth Avenue. But whereas the world beyond New York's Hudson River is portrayed as a quiet, peaceful place, the world beyond Tel Aviv's Yarkon River is one of turmoil and violence. To the right are Baghdad and Tehran; on the left are Haifa, Tiberias, Carmiel, Acre and Kiryat Shmona - areas that have been under constant bombardment since July 12. The cluster of buildings at the top is Beirut. As Amir Ben-David explained, the three brown boulders bridging the body of water that separates Tel Aviv from "the rest of the world" illustrate that, for all our ironic references to living in a bubble, it is impossible to ignore what is going on around us....

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