torsdag, november 23, 2006

Ceasefire Campaign: in med FN, ut med USA

Här är för ovanlighetens skull en webbpetition som jag känner att jag kan ställa mig bakom:

...The winds of political change are sweeping the United States. This month, the American people voted overwhelmingly to reject President Bush's war in Iraq and the key architect of the war, US military chief Donald Rumsfeld, announced his resignation. This is the perfect time for a global public outcry to finally end this disastrous war.

To seize this opportunity, we are running an ad campaign in US and UK papers calling upon the US-led coalition to accept a larger role for the international community in finding a diplomatic solution, and a phased withdrawal of all its troops from Iraq.

So far, almost 50,000 citizens from over 100 countries have signed on to the campaign—we need 100,000 signatures THIS WEEK so that our next round of ads can report a rising wave of global support...

Petitionen, och mer info, finns på

Skriv under den du också! I dag!

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